Process Management Training

Companies execute their day to day business operations through business processes. The more efficient and effective process, the better the business result. When the business strategy calls for improving these processes, the management team must go through several steps:

1) Analyze the existing processes to understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses
2) Formulate a plan for improvement, express that plan in business terms and get it approved
3) Implement the improvement project effectively within the organization

The courses in this section are focused on process improvement and process management. The tools needed for effective process analysis and problem solving are presented. In addition, methods for improving both cycle time and cost efficiency are explored.

PPI will customize these programs if your company needs specialized training due to industry issues or corporate objectives. PPI will also work with customers to develop customized case studies and exercises that are tailored to their business practices.

Business Operations training programs include:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma is an improvement approach that relies on process discipline, data, and statistics to find and solve problems.  This methodology has created stable efficient business processes by combining the waste reduction of Lean with the elimination of variation gained by applying Six Sigma principles.  These courses are appropriate for the three levels of those involved in Lean Six Sigma projects: Yellow Belt for team members, Green Belt for team leader, and Black Belt for subject matter expert and team coach.  The courses can be combined with team projects for practical application of process improvement and can be used to prepare for certification exams through the International Association of Six Sigma Certification.
This program is available online at:

Lean Operations
Lean Operations are those that have identified and eliminated waste from their business processes. Waste can take many forms, wasted money, wasted time, and wasted opportunities. This course combines teaching and application consulting. It includes classroom teaching of Lean Manufacturing principles applied to business processes and application consulting with project teams attending the training to apply these principles to their work environment.

Value Creation Mapping
Value is in the eye of the beholder. However, many business improvement techniques that purport to increase value are strictly inward looking and do not consider value from the customer's perspective. Yet it is only when a customer interacts with the company to buy a product or service that value can be quantified. The Value Creation Mapping approach analyzes what is happening in both the buyer's and seller's operation while a transaction is underway to determine true cost and true value. This course introduces the Value Creation Mapping technique and allows the participants to practice its use.

Problem Solving with Data
Every day we face problems of one sort or another. We can race from crisis to crisis and fight fires all day, or we can analyse the problem with a structured framework and data. This will lead us to the root cause, causes, or systemic weaknesses that created the problem. This course simplifies some of the data analysis tools used by Six Sigma and provides a simple structured approach that can be applied by an individual or team to understand and solve business problems.

Value Engineering
Value Engineering is a methodology that matches product cost with the customer's perception of value. The methodology assesses the function of each part in the product and compares its value to its cost. Areas of misalignment are areas for redesign. This course will introduce how to conduct a Value Engineering project.

Poka Yoke
Poka Yoke is the principle of error-proofing a product or process. Application of the Poka Yoke principles ensures that the product or process "self-inspects" leading to dramatic quality improvements with little or no cost increase. This course introduces the principles of Poka Yoke and allows the participants to practice their application.