Digital Changeover

The digital age has dawned and many companies are endeavoring to transform from their industrial age businenss model, products, services, and processes and become a digital age corporation with a business model, products, services and processes that leverge the capabilies of digital technologies.  This changeover is far more than just an IT upgrade, it normally requires a complete transformation of the business systems, organization and often the culture of the company.

PPI has created a program called The Digital Changeover which guides a company through this process.  It starts with as assessment of the opportunities and readiness of the business to make a digital transformation.  With these in hand, a digital changeover strategy is developed.  PPI will then assist the company with the identification of projects, partners and suppliers needed to transform the company.  Throughout this changeover, PPI can provide coaching, consulting, and training for the organization to assist them in the journey to a digital age enterprise.

There is no "one size fits all" digital changeover approach.  The mix of digital technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, aritificial intelligence, digital platforms, analytics, cyber security, automation, and blockchain technologies needs to be different for each company.  It depends upon the industry, the products and services offered, and current corporate culture.  This program is a specialized consulting focus.  PPI leverags the work of the Digtial Transformation Instititute and PPI's network of over 150 digital service providers to create a customized solution for each client's digital changeover.  We work with the client to determine the best approach that is consistent with their overall business strategy and financial p

This program can be initiated by visiting this special portal used to suppor this digital changeover initiative.


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