Project Management Training

Project management training programs focus on methodologies and processes of project management and practical application of those to business projects. The courses are all consistent with the current issue of the Project Management Institute's Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK Guide). These courses are normally provided in person either a conference center or on-site at the sponsoring company.  Several of the courses are also offered in an online format through  A summary of current offerings are listed below with links to a detailed course description.

PPI will customize these onsite programs if your company needs specialized training due to industry issues or corporate objectives. PPI will also work with customers to develop customized case studies and exercises that are tailored to their business practices.  Customized versions of online courses can also be created and offered through  Please contact us for prices and scheduling.

Project Management training programs include:

Fundamentals of Project Management
Projects are made up of many activities and tasks, sometimes hundreds or thousands of activities. Project management tools and techniques assist the project leader and project team members to plan, organize and track those activities and tasks. This course introduces the fundamental tool of project management.
This program is available online at:

Project Schedule Management
One of the typical characteristics of a project is a time constraint. There is a planned end date that is important to the success of the project. There are numerous tools and techniques that can be used by the project leader and team to organize the project activities so as to meet the end date. This course demonstrates the use of many of those techniques.

Project Risk Management
Uncertainty and complexity are often the hallmark of a project. Unfortunately, they are also the hallmark of high risk. A primary responsibility of the project leader is to identify, analyze and develop an appropriate response to each risk. Some risks should be accepted and some should result in an immediate project replan. This course will prepare projects leader's to manage project risks effectively.

Managing Project Stakeholder and Project Teams
Projects do not occur in a vacuum. There are stakeholders who are funding the project and stakeholders who will benefit from the project result. Often there are many stakeholders. Identifying and managing the relationships with the stakeholders is always a key element of project success. This course explores the attributes of project stakeholder management.

Project Management Expert Series
There are many aspects of project management, from project initiating, project planning, project team management, project progress tracking, and project closeout.  There are best practices associated with of these areas, and the integration of these is often essential for establishing a successful project management methodology.  This series is built from best practices and tools that are found in the other courses listed above. A variation of this program is available online at:

Managing the Project Management Process: The Role of the PMO and Senior Management
The organizational systems, processes, and structure can bias a project towards success or they can create insurmountable barriers to success. The way in which the organization selects projects, resources them, and prioritizes between them will dictate how a project should be planned and managed. This course reviews best practices for Project Management Offices and senior management.

AGILE/Scrum Project Management
One of the most exciting recent innovations in the area of project management is the recent codification of a new methodology based upon the AGILE principles known as Scrum Project Management. The technique is applicable for fast-paced projects that contain a significant amount of discovery or development activities. This course explains the principles and best practices of AGILE/Scrum project management.  A variation of this program is available online at:

Managing New Product Development Projects
Product development projects are among the most challenging projects. They often have vague or shifting requirements, tight time schedules, immature high risk technology, and a cross-functional team with differing functional goals. They are the embodiment of high risk. This course will discuss the unique characteristics of product development projects and methods and techniques the project leader and team members can use to account for these characteristics.
    The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam is one of the most recognized project management certification programs in the word.  This course is preparation for the exam.  It covers the key elements of what will be tested.  It is based upon having first completed a pre-requisite project management course that covers the tools and techniques of project management such as the Project Management Institute described above.  This program is only offered online at: