Welcome to Product & Process Innovation 

Product & Process Innovation, Inc. is a training, consulting and litigation support firm that works with corporations to improve their business strategy formulation and strategy execution through digital transformation, project management, product development, and engineering/manufacturing process improvement. In addition to working directly with companies, PPI also provides corporate training through Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the China Institute for Innovation.


Consulting Services provided by PPI normally include an evaluation of current business practices and processes. This evaluation often entails comparing the processes to industry standards or best practice benchmarks. An improvement path is selected based upon the client's strategy and business environment. Then the appropriate processes, projects, training, and systems needed to progress down the improvement path are identified. Since most improvement efforts require some level of organizational change, change management and leadership issues are also addressed. Recent consulting clients include Orpheus, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Instrumentation Laboratory, Analog Devices, Preditive Index, Eversource, General Electric, and LeTourneay University.


Training Programs provided by PPI are for corporate manager, technical professionals, and executives. These award-winning programs can be conducted in classrooms at a university, at corporate learning centers, at hotels or conference centers, and on-site at the business client's facility. In addition, selected courses are available through online platforms. Where practical, these programs use the current business systems for case studies and examples. The courses are focused on digital transformation, project management, product development, process inprovement and general business management.

Digital Transformation course cover the elements of a digital strategy and the process of digital changeover or trnasformation.  These courses focus on the strategic and leadership elements of digital trnsformation rather than on a specific technology.  Project management courses include programs on the Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Schedule and Cost Management, Project Risk Management, Project Team Management, Managing the Project Management Process, and Agile/Scrum Management. Product development courses include Stage-gate Project Management, Design for Six Sigma, Design for Manufacturability, and Innovation with Lean and Six Sigma. Process improvement courses include programs on Lean Operations, Value Engineering, Poka Yoke, and Value Creation Mapping. General business management courses include Finance for Engineers and Technical Professionals, Building Your Business Case, and Stakeholder Management, and Project Leadership. All programs can be tailored to fit unique business issues or practices.