Most corporations have recognized the need for ongoing professional education and training within their workforce. The rapid advances in technology and the shifting landscape of many industries have magnified this need. In addition, the de-layering that has occurred within many organizations has led to the elimination of middle management layers who often acted as coaches and mentors for less experienced employees. Corporate training programs are used to fill the gaps left by these industry trends.

Training programs and courses offered by PPI are held on-site at the client's facility, in a nearby hotel or training center, or in some cases using online training platforms. Where appropriate, the materials are customized for the client's business and its industry. The programs are generally conducted as one or two day seminars, but other formats can be arranged when needed. The seminars combine lecture topics based upon industry best practices with hands-on exercises and case studies. Whenever possible, the case study is based upon an actual business condition or project from the business.

PPI offers training programs through its partners and directly with customers. The PPI trainers all have industry experience in addition to being subject matter experts. The training they provide is grounded in practicality. They are able to bring their examples into the training discussions to illustrate key principles.

PPI offers training in the following areas of business management:

Project Management Training
Process Improvement Training
Business Management Training
Innovation and Digital Transformation Training

Online Training Programs

Project Management Programs
Financial Management Programs
Process Improvement Programs