PPI Vision and Values

PPI Vision

Provide world-class consulting and training programs that enable client companies to execute their strategy and achieve competitive advantage.

PPI Values

  • Integrity - A consulting business cannot survive without integrity. The clients must trust the advice and instruction of a consultant or else they will not retain that consultant. PPI is committed to the highest levels of honesty in all interactions - with customers, suppliers, and government agencies.
  • Creating Customer Value - PPI's success is measured by the success of its clients. PPI will work with each client to address the unique business needs of that company. When appropriate, the consulting and training will be tailored to fit the business context. When PPI is unable to provide services to address the client's needs, we will advise the client and assist in finding a consultant who can.
  • Practical Approach to Business Improvement - A hallmark of PPI services is that they are simple to implement and practical for use in business. PPI's goal is that each client is enabled to implement and use the advice, tools and techniques to achieve business benefit without the need for ongoing consulting support. While PPI welcomes the opportunity to continue to provide advice and guidance, the tools and techniques employed will be simple, practical and appropriate for the business context.
  • Excellence in All Products and Services - PPI will strive to provide excellence in all that it does. This includes the application of proven business management methodologies, the research and analysis underlying litigation support, the quality of the training and training materials, and the experience and professionalism of its associates.
  • Respect for Clients and Associated Consultants - Consulting and training involves people interacting with other people. Each person is unique and different. Successful businesses recognize the differences and leverage these to achieve outstanding performance from all of its employees and associates. PPI will seek to accommodate individual differences and needs without compromising the other PPI Values.
  • Promoting Family Values - PPI recognizes that a stable and healthy society is essential for business to flourish. PPI believes the promotion of strong families will benefit society as a whole and will benefit each individual that PPI is associated with - employees, associated consultants and clients. To that end PPI will support community activities that strengthen the family, in particular those that are based upon the Judeo-Christian understanding of family and family values.